We are happy to be able to assist you with your sleep study test. To prepare for your appointment, please download the new patient forms in the patient information area below and bring them with you to your appointment completed.



A prescription from your Physician may be required. A sleep study is considered an outpatient diagnostic procedure, and most medical insurance covers sleep studies. However, deductibles and plan coverage may vary, so please provide us with your insurance information prior to your appointment unless you are paying out of pocket for this service.

USA Sleep Study provides our patients with flexible options in receiving their sleep study treatment. We offer the ability to utilize insurance for coverage, or you may receive a full in-lab sleep study at a cash or credit card price.



If you choose the cash or credit card option, we make the process very easy to pay for your sleep study, and easily be placed on the schedule for your upcoming testing. Our cash/ credit card price for a sleep study includes a full night Polysomnography (Diagnostic Sleep Study, and CPAP Titration if the results of your first half of study include that a Titration is needed. It will also include the full reports from your study which can be reviewed with you by any referring Physician or Specialist of your choice. Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions prior to purchasing your sleep study testing with us. We look forward to having you stay at our facility.

Prior authorization and a physician's referral will be required for patients using their insurance to cover their sleep study test. Please contact us directly should you require additional assistance.



We want to be comfortable during your sleep study test. You are welcome to bring your own blanket, pillow, or other familiar items that make you feel comfortable during testing. Comfortable clothing is recommended.



Once your test is complete, our sleep technician will score your test and submit the results to your physician typically within 24 hours or less of completion of your sleep test.



Once you have spoken with a representative from our facility, and all of the necessary information has been verified and approved, you will be provided  with your appointment date. Please download your patient forms by clicking the link below, and bring them with you completed to your appointment.



  • Avoid caffeine products such as coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate after 10:00am.
  • Do not take any daytime naps.
  • Bring any medication with you that you need to take at bedtime. (The sleep lab does not have access to any medications.)
  • Bring your night clothes or something comfortable for you to sleep in.
  • Bring items that you will need in the evening and morning, such as a toothbrush and other toiletries, contact lens cases and solutions, and clothes.
  • Do not use any products on your hair or skin after showering.